- Outils de présentation et de modélisation des données ;
- Systèmes de gestion de base de données relationnelles et langages d'interrogation ;
- Mise en oeuvre de base de données relationnelles (analyse, conception, structuration des données, etc.) ;
- Concepts, principes et technologies du Big Data.

Whatever their activities are, engineers work in international and multicultural professional environments. Therefore, managing intercultural communication is a must in a globalised world.
The Intercultural communication course will help future engineers to cope with different cultures in the workplace. More precisely, its goal is to develop increased intercultural awareness and overall intercultural openness.
The course is based on an enriched pedagogical approach combining lectures, case-studies (German, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese cultures), and group discussions. As such, students will develop new skills in intercultural communication and reach the following goals: understanding the power of culture in a communication process, acquiring the capacity of identifying cultural differences, identifying what the obstacles are for efficient communication, as well as developing tools for creating a common communicative ground.

Organisation dans un groupe ; méthodologie de développement logiciel de qualité; programmation.